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ANA SAYFA » SuWaMa 2014 Conference » KOMİTE ÜYELERİNİN BİYOGRAFİLERİ » John P Wolflin (Konferans Direktör Yardımcısı)
John P Wolflin (Konferans Direktör Yardımcısı)

 John P Wolflin is a tenured scientist with over 38 years of experience in natural resource management and policy development with collateral duty as an educator. At present, he is the Co-Director for the International Sustainable Watershed Management Conferences and works with Integrated Ecosystem Management (IGEM) Akademia International Training Centre.
Mr Wolflin had a distinguished career with the US Fish and Wildlife Service including serving as the Supervisor of the Chesapeake Bay Office for 19 years. He has expertise in a broad range of conservation programs including wetlands regulation and restoration, environmental contaminant assessment and remediation, endangered and invasive species, waterway navigation and highways, as well as the application of conservation provisions of other Federal environmental laws and international treaties.
He is recognized for his work on complex resource development issues and controversial land and water resource developments. Mr Wolflin recently worked to forge a multidisciplinary integrated management strategy for the Chesapeake Bay that was directed by Executive Order of the US President. He chaired an interdisciplinary team that developed a comprehensive strategy for the Upper Mississippi River.
As the Co-Director of the NATO Science for Peace Pilot Study on "Ecosystem Modeling of Coastal Lagoons for Sustainable Management" (1995-2008), he worked with expert scientists from 17 countries promoting sustainable management programs in Africa, Central Asia, Europe, and Russia. He is an editor and author of the books titled: "Coastal Lagoons: Ecosystem Processes and Modeling for Sustainable Use and Development" published by the CRC-LEWIS Publisher, USA, "Assessment of the Fate and Effects of Toxic Agents on Water Resources" and "Sustainable Use and Development of Watersheds", Springer, Netherland.
At Johns Hopkins University he taught Natural Resources-Policy and Conservation (1990-1995). Mr Wolflin has lectured on sustained use and development of natural resources at universities in the U.S. and in Europe He has authored numerous papers on resource management and made presentations to NATO Science for Peace Advanced Scientific Institutes, the International Wetlands Research Bureau, Wetlands International, and the European Union (US Information Agency World Net Broadcast).
Mr Wolflin completed the US Department of the Interior Executive Management Development Program. He also has supervised the US Fish and Wildlife Service's Idaho Office and has worked with the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer.  He has a Bachelor of Science in biology and behavior science and a Master of Science in biology with special emphasis on coastal ecology.

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