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ANA SAYFA » SuWaMa 2014 Conference » KOMİTE ÜYELERİNİN BİYOGRAFİLERİ » Frank Braunschweig (Eğitmen)
Frank Braunschweig (Eğitmen)

Eng.Frank Braunschweig

Rua Cidade de Frehel, Bloco B, No:12A, 2640-469 Mafra, Portugal  
Tel.: +351 261 813 660
Fax: +351 261 813 666


Frank Braunschweig, Civil Engineer and Master in numerical modeling of water resources, has a large experience in modeling surface water bodies and watersheds, resulting from his long activity as researcher at the Technical University of Lisbon and his recent activity as consultant in the private sector.
As researcher at the Technical University of Lisbon he coordinated several projects related with modeling of the water cycle. Initially he was focused on modeling hydrodynamics and transport processes in estuaries and coastal areas. During his master thesis he started working on inland waters, adapting the coastal water model MOHID to be applicable in reservoirs and lakes. Later on he started to develop an integrated watershed model, including rainfall, runoff, infiltration, ground water and river flow. Since then he is technical coordinator of the MOHID Water Modeling System at mohid.codeplex.com. During his work at the Technical University of Lisbon he was also responsible for the development of the graphical user interfaces for the MOHID Water Modelling System. He has organized and lectured courses about MOHID.
In the private sector he is continuing his work related with the environment. He participated in many projects where the usage and the integration of the MOHID Water Modeling System play a central role. An operational water quality system for Barcelona and Biarritz, and an emergency system for the Portuguese Civil Protection are examples of this integration. Within consulting projects he has used MOHID Land to assess flood risk. Currently he is developing new versions for the MOHID System, including (i) a new graphical user interface, (ii) an operational flood forecast system and (iii) an operational bathing water forecast system.
The list of his publications shows his integrated knowledge of the water cycle. Examples are “A methodology to estimate renewal time scales in estuaries: the Tagus Estuary case”, published in the Journal Ocean Dynamics and “An advanced modelling tool for simulating complex river systems”, published in Science of the Total Environment. Publications like “The object oriented design of the integrated water modelling system MOHID” highlight his technical skills.

IGEM Akademia International Training Centre, Yazmacı Tahir Sokak, Reşit Bey Apt. No:1 D:13 Çatalçeşme 34744 Bostancı/ISTANBUL, Turkey

Tel/Fax : +90 216 361 22 35 GSM : +90 530 469 44 32