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Non-disclosure Policy and the Conditions of Portal Tenancy

Please read this policy before you apply for a membership or visit it. Whenever you access to the Portal it will be considered that you have accepted agreement of this web site. 
IGEMPortal is committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your personal information. Your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number are necessitated to answer your questions or attend your requests or for your demands. These personal information will be used to respond your requests, inform you about our products and services by e-mail or phone.  In case you make an order  for  service, or present the site a similar context, in order to process  we might need to contact you for additional info. However, IGEMPortal will not disclose identifiable personal information to any third party without your consent unless it is required for your requests and orders. 

All informations which users and visitors send us as requests, questions, complains are saved by IGEM PORTAL to rate performance of the web site These informations can not be used for any purposes except replying to users own requests.

For your quick approach, IGEMPORTAL links to other web sites on the Internet. You should check the rights of to third party before using it. This is to certify that you agree that IGEM Portal does not control the contents of such websites nor will it assume responsibility over publications produced and uploaded by third party sites. Furthermore, any links that direct to websites outside IGEM Portal does not indicate that IGEM Portal condones the products and / or services provided by such third party sites.
Any of contents, articles, and graphics on this web site cannot be used or broadcasted by anybody without IGEMPORTAL's written approval.  Also, any of contents and functions on this web site cannot be used or broadcasted for any other channels.
IGEM Portal published in Turkish and English. IGEMPortal uses references and assured knowledge that are the result of scientific researches, evaluations and implementation studies.  The documents that consist of secured knowledge and evaluations reside in Sources of Knowledge. In this context, the IGEMPortal precisely maintains a neutral attitude to all visitors, authors, institutions and readers. However, IGEMPortal is partial to the execution of sustainable ecosystem concept and the technologies developed for this concept.
Originality of publications in the Source of Knowledge, GENESIS and LEMSM menus is not a condition. Compilations having the above features and/or published articles with the authorization of publishing concerns can be published on IGEMPortal. However, all the responsibility of published articles belongs to their authors. Concepts in the articles cannot be attributed to IGEMPortal. Articles originally published on IGEMPortal can be partially or completely published elsewhere after having permission from IGEMPortal and quoting it as a source. 

All articles, photographs, graphics and tables of IGEMPortal can be used by quoting IGEMPortal as authority or source and published on visual/written media. IGEMPortal only concerns with "how we do it better" question; it never quibbles with people and institutions and events. Any person, institution, installation, government or group-oriented declarations cannot be placed in the content of articles.
IGEMPortal only publishes sent advertisements; related people and institutions get in contact with each other on their own, and IGEMPortal assumes no responsibility for the consequences of these. All rights reserved by IGEM Consulting.

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