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How to Engage

When we first introduced the SuWaMa Conference, we planned to establish an international sustainable watershed management award. In this way we would further our ultimate goal of fostering sustainable watershed management implementation worldwide. Thus we introduced the Watershed Seal of Excellence Award. As you know, the Award program was announced in the SuWaMa 2013 Flyer (recently sent to you) and in the announcement for SuWaMa 2013 ( /?Dil=1&SID=689 ) as well as with the worldwide issuance of the Declaration.
At this point there is a need to begin to identify the criteria for the Award. To do so there is a need to review, and as appropriate strengthen and expand current indicators for evaluation of watershed management implementations worldwide.
ACTION ITEM # 1: We are interested in your views on indicator categories such as ecosystem service indicators, status indicators, and the identification of additional indicator categories. Along with these indicator categories please identify supporting data requirements for evaluation. Please provide your input by April 30, 2012. Please download the list of ecosystem indicators , a list of frequently used ecosystem service indicators for your reference.
The next step is to establish a partnership among organizations working on indicators to coordinate approaches and activities aimed at improving indicators, identifying requisite data, and encouraging their use by policy-makers directed at sustainable watershed management.
Therefore, we propose to establish a partnership (initially among SC members and select others) for testing the selected indicators as part of on-going or proposed work on watersheds. The partnership also will be the basis for sharing developments.
Specific activities for the partnership include:
·      To share ideas on watershed indicators and identify associated data needs;

·      Test indicators in watershed level policy processes;

·      Engage current watershed assessments to capitalize on the scientific and policy analysis expertise gathered for these undertakings;

·      Support research focused on developing improved indicators;

·      Develop models to organize and test indicators;

·      Develop visualization tools (maps, tables) to help policy-makers apply watershed services concepts;

·      Ensure data availability and quality, in part by incorporating indicators for all watershed services into data gathering institutional mandates.

(Please Note: these activities are intended as a preliminary list and your comments and additions are requested.)
ACTION ITEM 2:  Identify your interest and ability to engage in the Partnership as describe above. Again, please provide your input by April 30, 2012.
Improving indicators and integrating them into policy processes will require diverse activities undertaken by a variety of actors. Fortunately, the many scientists and associated institutions affiliated with SuWaMa that are involved in follow-up work will generate significant momentum that, if effectively harnessed, can help drive the development of a robust set of watershed service indicators, application of appropriate evaluations techniques, and foster good watershed management directed at sustainability worldwide. We believe that this is the challenge and we stand ready to assist you both within your countries and on an international basis.
Thank you for your interest and commitment to our common goal – good and sustainable watershed management.
Please send your opinion, comments and proposals (max 100 words) to be published at the blog section to suwamaworks@igemportal.org

We look forward to hearing from you.

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